Our goal is to bring healthy and tasty honey to New Zealanders at an affordable price.

We are Darcy and Melanie Beehre, a husband and wife team. In they busy times our kids will come home help out. Our family are the only ones who work on the hives

Most of our honey comes from the central North Island near Taupo. We run about 800 hives.

We love how bee keeping gives as the opportunity to experience nature in a unique way. And working in beautiful New Zealand scenery you wouldn't normally get to see.

Our honey is not mixed with honey from any other hives. We're not trying to create a mass produced honey which is always the same muted flavour. Instead every crop of honey from our hives is a little bit unique, as it varies by season and location. There's an excitement to opening a jar and finding a different twist to the flavour.



Bee keeping New Zealand